amassed dinner series with eli kaimeh

The Amassed Dinner Series is about creating unique dining experiences by inviting some of our favorite chefs to collaborate with us at Amass; cooking only with what is available in our corner of the world, at that specific moment in time, completely submitting to the Danish wind, weather and terroir.

Following an exciting and inspirational visit from Jorge Vallejo, we look forward to introducing you to the next chef in line: Eli Kaimeh, Chef de Cuisine at Per Se, New York!

In the second week of August, Eli Kaimeh will travel to Copenhagen with nothing but a bag of clothes and his knives. Here Eli and Matt Orlando will  scour Danish farms, beaches, forests and sea for ingredients and inspiration, while sharing their thoughts, ideas and techniques. All resulting in a true collaboration dinner, on Thursday, August 10th, where every dish will reflect both Eli and Matt’s philosophy and personality, and the best Danish produce in season.

WHEN: Thursday, August 10th, 2017 from 18.30
WINE: Pairing 800 DKK (optional)

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