amass blackout dinner

On Wednesday the 22nd of March we will shake things up a bit. We have invited Daniel Burns (Luksus, Brooklyn), James Lowe (Lyle’s, London) and James Knappett (Kitchen Table, Bubbledogs, London) to join Matt Orlando and the Amass Team. Furthermore, we have decided to kill the power… Which means that for one night we will swap out our stoves for fire, light bulbs with candle light and bonfires, and the hip hop will be live and acoustic.

We are doing this for two good reasons; one we welcome the challenge of cooking with fire and the thought of going ‘back to basics’, the other is to create awareness of Earth Hour on Saturday the 25th of March.

Earth Hour is a worldwide climate initiative, where citizens, organizations and even entire cities all around the globe, turn off their lights for an hour. It is a signal to world leaders, lawmakers and politicians, that action is needed in order to combat climate change.

WHEN Wednesday the 22nd of March, 2017
MENU 950 DKK, 12 servings
WINE PAIRING 825 DKK (optional)

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