What is the food like
at Amass

At Amass the food is created in the moment and is ever changing. It is influenced not only by terroir and the weather, but by carefully examining every ingredient and figuring out which techniques will pay the highest respect to the ingredient as a whole.


Potato, Burnt Onion, Yeast
Garden Cabbages, Plum Yeast Miso, Dried Barley
Potato Bread, Sunflower Seed, Kale 
Zander, Rhubarb, Black Garlic, Coriander Seed
Sea Snails, Mushrooms, Pickled Green Strawberry, Fennel Seed
Endive, Yoghurt Whey, Brown Butter, Mustard Seed
Egg Yolk, Ramson, Horseradish, Soured Cream
Pork Neck, Walnut, Lemon Skin, Cep Mushroom Oil
Pumpkin Seed Custard, Fermented Honey, Caramelized Carrot
Roasted Parsnip, Chocolate, Licorice Oil
Coffee Vinegar, Bitter Chocolate, Black Pepper