What is the food like
at Amass

At Amass the food is created in the moment and is ever changing. It is influenced not only by terroir and the weather, but by carefully examining every ingredient and figuring out which techniques will pay the highest respect to the ingredient as a whole.

FALL 2017

Chicken Liver, Grilled Red Cabbage, Wild Rose
Fermented Potato Bread, Roasted Parsnip, Hemp Seed
Bonito, Smoked Lambs Heart, Cauliflower, Salted Plum
Grains, Almond, Garden Cabbages
Leeks, Hazelnut, Burnt Hay, Egg Yolk
Lobster, Kidney Beans, Radicchio, Sumac
Wild Goose, Walnut, Beet, Brown Butter, Wild Mushrooms
Celery, Coffee, Yogurt, Blackcurrant 
Salted Apple, Water Mint, Toasted Oats
Chocolate, Coffee Vinegar, Black Pepper