Our thoughts on wine

We are proud to feature on our list a group of wines created by those who are more farmers than winemakers. The wines we serve at Amass are cultivated through friendships, hard work and a shared commitment to the agricultural integrity needed for an honest product. By focusing upon the farming process rather than the cellar, these wines express themselves differently than most conventional wines, making them the ideal complement to our menu.

Wine List

Our thoughts on beer

Beer is something that, when done with the right amount of passion and technique, can compete with wine in complexity and taste. It will always be a part of the experience here at Amass, not only because we want the guests to enjoy it, but because we like to drink it as well (after work, of course).

Beer List

Our thoughts on coffee

Coffee has become a pretty serious pastime for some of us. It’s often the one part of the meal that is overlooked, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We are working with Koppi to make sure that you have the freshest coffee available. The beans will constantly be changing as we chase the coffee seasons around the world. For every cup that is served at Amass, there are farmers, roasters and brewers who pay as much attention to your cup of coffee as we do to our menu. We want you to appreciate that process as much as we do when you take your first sip.

Our thoughts on tea

Tea shouldn’t be an afterthought in our never ending search for flavor. We offer a curated range of specialty cups from all over the world. We work with suppliers that, like us, works personally with small farmers and not commercial producers to insure that every tea we serve meets our standards for both great taste and ethical sourcing.

Our thoughts on spirits

Your first drink should be as good as your last and our spirits list is no exception. We choose regional distilleries which share our commitment to deliciousness and environmental stewardship, such as Aqua Vitae from southern Fyn and Hven from Sweden. And if you’re lucky, you will see drinks made in-house with ingredients from our very own garden. Whether it is a glass of homemade bog myrtle snaps or a nip of South Fyn apple whiskey, we hope you taste the craft and care which goes into every single bottle.