At Amass the food is created in the moment and is ever changing. It is influenced not only by terroir and the weather, but by carefully examining every ingredient and figuring out which techniques will pay the highest respect to the ingredient as a whole.

MARCH 2019

– Yesterday’s Potato Bread, Roasted Potato Skin, Salted Garden Stem
– Beetroot Jerky, Coffee Vinegar
– Potato Bread, Sunflower Seed, Onion, Black Pepper
– Zander, Salted Pumpkin Seed Milk, Bergamot
– Cured Wild Goose Breast, Fennel Seed Capers, Whipped Goose Liver Mousse, Salted Rhubarb, Knotweed
– Chewy Carrots, Almond, Pickled Wild Rose
– Egg White Custard, Lobster, Black Pumpkin, Chili
– Haddock, Dry Aged Beef Fat, Salted Quince, Endive
– “Fish Pie” Dried Shellfish, Celery Root
– Celeriac Broth, Dried Mushroom, Lemongrass Oil
– Soft Crêpe, Red Wheat Miso, Porcini Mushroom Sugar
– Potato and Marzipan Ice Cream, Quince Syrup, Hazelnut Oil
– Toasted Beer Grains, Dark Chocolate, Black Pepper, Parsnip

Menu is subject to change.


We have received the gold organic certification “Det Økologiske Spisemærke i guld”, ensuring you, that 90 – 100% of all food and beverages served at Amass are certified organic.

All set menus include still or sparkling filtered water.

Vegetarian and vegan menus are available upon request.

We accommodate other allergies and/or dietary restrictions with advance notice.

Besides our optional beverage pairings, we also offer an extensive wine list, along with beer from our own brewery and handpicked or homemade infusions, spirits and juices.

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