The garden at Amass represents the soul of the restaurant. We currently have more than 80 different varietals of plants, including leafy vegetables, berries, herbs, and flowers that appear on our menu daily. But our garden is more than ingredients: It’s the inspiration for dishes and beverages to come.

Our garden isn’t just for us. We want our garden to be a learning environment and an urban oasis for our guests and community. The garden amasses friends, family, and neighbors to have a glass of wine next to the fennel plants or a wander through our greenhouse.

We realize how lucky we are to have this green space. It is truly a luxury, and with luxury comes responsibility. So, when we opened in 2013, we started the Amass Green Kids Program, an initiative where we plant, grow, harvest, and cook a season’s worth of vegetables with inner-city school children, and let the kids invite their families for a meal made solely with produce they cultivated and cooked themselves. This has had more of an impact than we could have ever imagined, so much in fact, that we fund the program ourselves.