Most of our wine is made by friends, whose vineyards we know and whose journeys we share. It’s honest wine made with love and care by people who are farmers first, who tend their grapes without using any chemicals and who let the winemaking take its natural course. We believe wine made in this way tastes better, is more vibrant and suits our food perfectly.

Wine List



Beer is something that, when done with the right amount of passion and technique, can compete with wine in complexity and taste. It will always be a part of the experience here at Amass, not only because we want the guests to enjoy it, but because we like to drink it as well.



Coffee is a social act that we want you to linger over. We work with Koppi to get our beans from growers with the same values as ours and we follow the seasons around the world so that they’re always fresh. The beans are lightly roasted and we brew them in a V60 pour-over because we think that’s the best way to bring out the flavour of the coffee berry. 



We believe tea should have a distinctive taste that evokes its origins. We chose pu-erh Chinese black tea because it’s earthy and musty like a walk in the rainforest. Our Japanese Sencha green tea is grown in the shade so the leaves are a brilliant green and it has a strong umami flavour. Greek mountain tea, made from the dried flowers, leaves and stems of the ironwort plant, is caffeine-free and assists digestion. In season we also grow mints that taste of chocolate or ginger for herbal infusions.



When selecting spirits for our program we break with convention and ask one simple question – do we like this ourselves? We found a single malt slightly peaty whiskey that we really like on the Swedish island of Hven and we love our own brand fruit distils made from apples and pears and nothing else. True to our heritage we play around with schnapps or aquavit using bog myrtle and other herbs from our garden.



We can tell you all the reasons for not serving bottled water but we’d rather talk about our eco-friendly filtered water. It’s free of impurities while retaining natural salts and minerals so it tastes fresh and clean. And we serve it in Zalto mouthblown water glasses made especially for us because we take water seriously.