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We created an ice cream from surplus bread for industrial-scale organic bakery Jalm & B. 

Hansen wasn’t expecting ice cream, but he was pleasantly surprised. “I was hoping for the taste of bread, and I got it—it has a really nice malty flavor to it with notes of salt, and you can taste the grains,” he says. The ice cream also excited Jalm&B’s team because it’s both an upcycled product and a perennial favorite that would connect with the general consumer.

Jeremy Repanich, Robb Report, December 2019 


“Matt and Kim inspire with their relentless commitment to excellence, to sustainability and to their own integrity. They are a team that is pushing for the health of the planet and relishing the way creativity can sit side-by-side environmental sustainability.”

– Melina Shannon-DiPietro, Executive Director, MAD


“Kim Wejendorp participated in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Big Food Workshop in June 2020, where he made a compelling case for the importance of chefs to the transition to a circular economy for food. The Foundation’s team would like to thank him and Amass Restaurant for their collaboration.”

– Carmen Valache-Altinel, Communication Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation 


“Matt Orlando and his team at Amass have been instrumental in developing Food on the Edge as an international symposium. In terms of both content and form, he has continually brought a new dimension each year. From food waste to food education, his experience is formative for the symposiums relevance on the world stage.”

– JP McMahon, Symposium Director, Food On The Edge